There is a misconception that the only person you need to prove yourself to during a legal case is the judge. The truth is, you also need to prove your case to your accident lawyer to ensure they will take it and help you. Here are three ways that you can prove your case to the accident lawyer to ensure they will take your case, can help you, and can get you what you deserve on a settlement.

Medical Records

One of the first things that you may face regarding your injuries from the accident is if the injuries were pre-existing. The easiest way to show that your injuries are a direct result of the accident is to show medical records. These can either be records that show your doctor noting the injury as new or records showing no occurrence of the injuries you currently have. If you have both a doctor notation showing the injuries as new, and your medical records showing no sign of the injuries prior to the accident, then that will be ideal.

Driving Record

If the accident occurred from a vehicle collision, and you have a clear driving record, this can help you prove you were not at fault. It will need to go hand-in-hand with the police report and accident report you gave to your insurance. If you are not at fault, the accident report will show this and will backup any claims you make to having no previous issues with collisions or accidents of this kind. It will also erase any doubts that may come from thoughts that you may have claimed injuries in previous cases resulting from the same type of accident.

Insurance Findings

The findings from your insurance company are also a great way to prove your case to an accident lawyer. The findings can show who was at fault, what amount was rewarded, and if there are other issues the lawyer can use during a case to get you the compensation you need. This will also give you more outside proof to bring into the courtroom if the case goes that far.

With medical records, statements from your insurance company, and any driving record or related driving record statements you can bring a solid case before your accident lawyer. They will then be able to see what they have that can be used in court and what can present the best options for your case. Talk to law firms like Frisina Lawyers to learn more about what you can do to bolster your case.