With the current backlog in family law litigations, some families are waiting up to 3 years before being able to resolve their family law issues in court. This is upsetting and disruptive for everyone involved. Here are some ways that you can help to speed your family law dispute resolution process.

Use an experienced family lawyer

Not only does an experienced family lawyer help you to fill out all the paperwork quickly, but they are also experienced with case laws and the judges you might see in court. Their experience with previous cases can help you to craft the strongest case possible and minimise the avenues of appeal open to your ex-partner. They are also used to working around issues and can often suggest solutions that neither yourself or your ex-partner may have thought of.

Attempt to resolve matters out of court

Using mediation outside of court does not limit your rights or your access to professional help either now or in the future. Evidence that you have attempted mediation is an important part of family law proceedings and can potentially resolve matters without needing to go to court. It can be a much quicker and less costly process for everyone involved.

It may be useful to try some different approaches, such as different access agreements for periods of time to see how they work for everyone. Mediation is not a one-time only process but the start of an ongoing conversation about how to manage co-parenting in your new family arrangement.

Advise if you have special needs such as fear of violence

The Family Court has a special fast track program that allows cases to be heard quicker if there is a genuine fear of violence or abuse. If you are eager to get your case resolved earlier due to abuse concerns, then be sure to mention this to the lawyer so that they can trigger this faster case management approach.

If there are concerns about violence you don't need to attended mediation session but can move straight into this fast-tracked process.

If you have a family law issue you are looking to resolve quickly, you should contact an experienced family lawyer. They can look at the specifics of your case and help to formulate a plan of action to get the issues resolved as soon as possible, so that everyone involved can start to move on with their lives.