Finding the right family law firm can be a bit stressful. One way to narrow them down is to use free consultations. These meetings will let you feel out the lawyer and hear their plan for your case. This will on hinge on you having certain documents to help the lawyer see the full scope of your issue. Before the consultation you need to make sure you have the right documents. Here are a few that your family lawyer will likely request.  

Financial Documents

Your financial records can help your lawyer determine several things about your case. They can help the lawyer determine your ability to pay for services and if you are eligible for free legal aide. Financial records will show who paid the bills, who owns certain property, and financial need for alimony and child support. Your lawyer may request pay stubs, receipts , budgets, tax paperwork, and expense lists. An additional financial document may also include employment records and pay increases or maximum work hours per week increase. For example, if you are going to a family lawyer regarding additional financial support after a previous court order, usually due to an increase in pay or work hours, the proof this occurred will help. 

Personal Information

Birth certificates of any children that are involved with the family law case and any information on the children will be requested. You should also include social security numbers, any medical documentation for medical issues, and special financial needs that the children may require. If custody is an issue, then statements showing the children's school and extracurricular activities should be included. These documents will help the lawyer determine the plan for custody, what issues you may have, and how to move forward to ensure the children are taken care of properly.

Legal Documentation

Documents such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, a separation agreement, or a protective order or police report will be asked for by all family law firms. These will help further your case and make your attorney's job of helping you that much easier. If there is abuse involved, then police reports may be requested as well. Basically, any legal document that pertains to your case should be included especially if there have been ongoing legal issues. Remember, this may also include medical records as well if abuse was an issue.

These documents will help speed the consultation along and help navigate the case with as little hurdles as possible. Remember to bring any questions you have as well and to have a way to write the answers down for future reference.