Human trafficking is one of the most grievous criminal offences in law. The charges can earn you a heavy fine and a long jail term. In the unfortunate event that you fall victim to human trafficking charges, you should reach out to a criminal lawyer for help. Below are the types of human trafficking that require the intervention of criminal lawyers: 

Trafficking to Offer Sexual Services

In this category, the offender ships people to another country to offer sexual services. They deceive the victims about the nature of their job only to find they are being sold as sex slaves. In some cases, the victim is aware of the job's nature but clueless on how it will affect their freedom. In other instances, they are sold out to pay off some debt owed.

If the Offence Is Aggravated

An aggravated human trafficking offence is when the offender knows the person will be exploited, degraded or exposed to inhumane and cruel situations but goes ahead and trades them off. It also includes knowingly subjecting someone else to situations that can lead to death or any other form of serious harm. The imprisonment duration for this category is worse than the previous category. For that reason, you should seek the services of a seasoned lawyer to get a reduction of the jail term.

Trafficking Human Organs

In this offence, the offender lures their victims to a foreign country where some of their body organs are removed. You risk getting charged for the offence even if you are not aware of the intention of organ trade when shipping the victim. The penalties issued depend on the laws of the country where the offence is taking place and whether or not the victim had consented to the organ removal. 

Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is the illegal selling of children less than 18 years of age. There are subcategories that fall under child trafficking, including domestic slavery, benefit fraud, criminal activities, forced marriage and sexual exploitation. Trafficking children domestically, regionally and internationally can earn you a long time in jail. A criminal lawyer can be a great resource in such a case. 

The above are some of the commonly known types of human trafficking offences. When you get involved in any of the discussed offences, you need to seek professional legal guidance. An experienced criminal lawyer has the right experience and deep understanding of the law to argue your case in the best way possible and assure you a favourable outcome. 

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